My daughters have been learning Flamenco dancing with Adriana at Los Carmonas , the older one for a year and a half and the younger one for the past 6 months. They absolutely love the dance and the discipline that goes along with it.

Whenever they at home and have time to spare I find them either practicing their steps or else choreographing their own dances, it's really lovely to see.

The end of year concerts are wonderful to attend, they are not only very entertaining but very professional as well.

All credit for this goes to the hard work and dedication put in by Adriana and her team.

Tessil Pather


Your classes are totally getting my awareness of movement and my body creaking into a greater sense of wholeness. I can't thank you enough. I'm going to work really hard to stretch, and strengthen while loosening to get some more confidence and expression. I'm so happy I found you!

D Davidian


I am personally very grateful for your time, commitment and dedication. It was a real pleasure watching you teach Sarah in the private lesson that I observed, the degree of complexity is underestimated by parents. You are an amazing dance teacher and mentor, we and especially our children are blessed to have you in our lives.

Thank you!

Blazenka Skender


Just want to thank you for the excellent dance lessons this year. I have really enjoyed the physical and mental challenges of Flamenco and the way that you have gradually introduced & upgraded the movements & rhythms. It's so different from other dances that I have learnt and although i had only intended to take it up during the year that we travelled to Spain, I am now hooked!

Robyn Brewster-Jones


I wish to take this opportunity to express my sincere THANKS to you and your Los Carmonas Flamenco Academy.

You are a beautiful professional Flamenco dancer & choreographer with high-standard-discipline training skills which you have been transforming into every of your students. I am one of those hundreds luckiest ones who have enjoyed your Flamenco training class there.

My thanks to you would never be enough for the joy you have brought to me (us) in my (our) life.

I have said to my friends: "come & meet Adriana Rodriguez! you will be part of us to appreciate Flamenco, get fit and add value to your social network."

All the best to you and Los Carmonas Flamenco Academy.

Jenny Liu


Thanks Adriana.I know we only go back 8 years, but I thank you for all of the input that you have contributed into Chloe’s life and I thank you for the encouragement that you have given to her.


Jenny Freixas


Going to Los Carmonas was the highlight of my three-year old daughter’s week. She loved her teachers, found the class to be such fun and, of course, adored her flamenco outfit! I thought the classes were great as they fostered Latin culture, provided an opportunity for exercise and were also very developmentally appropriate for the kids. The end of year concert was AMAZING and such a fantastic experience for the children. As a mother and an Early Childhood teacher, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Los Carmonas to others.

Becky Bush

Becky Bush Testimonial - Early Childhood Teacher - Sydney


I thought I would say thank you for coming into the centre and sharing your Spanish dancing with the children. The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the experience and this helps promote an understanding of cultural awareness and also inspired the children to explore rhythm and sound through dance. There was an fantastic level of participation for the children to be involved and this was evident by many parents coming in the next day and said how excited the children were when they got home to talk about how they did Spanish dancing and learnt how to pick apples from the tree, placing them in the basket and showing their families how to twirl their skirt or hold their vests.

Thank you for giving us your time and sharing your culture with us

Karen Director

Thank you for another wonderful year of Flamenco Dancing. The girls have loved it again this year with the highlight of the year being the incredible end of year Concert that you pull together so professionally. It amazes me that even the Infants classes dance so beautifully and most of them are only 3 years old!

This is our sixth year of being involved with your School and the girls are enjoying it immensely. Particularly the extra performances throughout the year such as at Darling Harbour, Glebe Fair and Willoughby St Fair just to name a few. Being involved in these performances is an extraordinary experience for them.

Congratulations on another successful year and sincere thanks again for the positive influence you have on my girls.

Rosaria Cusumano



Querida Señorita,             

Muchas gracias por todo el esfuerzo y cariño que ha mostrado al acercarnso a esta noble profesión. Mi hija la quiere mucho y ama bailar. Ese es el secreto de ser un buen Maestro. Legar, o dejar en los niños el amor y el placer de aprender y bailar. Muchísimas gracias por su hermoso trabajo.

Laura Giordano